CoinDCX – An Indian Crypto Exchange Launches Blockchain Education Platform

DCX Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Learning Platform
(Image Credit: DCXCoin)

CoinDCX is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform and liquidity aggregator. On 16th June 2020, they launched the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency learning platform. Although, their courses are not just limited to blockchain and cryptocurrency. They have tried to cover related topics like Trading, Security, Economics, and Legal.

CoinDCX is a premium learning platform for Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and related topics that includes a variety of content formats including but not limited to articles, guides, infographics, online courses, interactive lectures, etc. Blockchain and cryptocurrency community members can also make contributions to the learning content. This platform is tailored for the need of all levels of learners.

On the launch of the DCX Learn platform, CEO and CO-Founder of the firm – Sumit Gupta paid special attention to India and said:

With the potential to accelerate financial inclusion in India, as well as opening gateways to new forms of investing, cryptocurrencies can benefit everyone. However, for Indians to take full advantage of crypto, we need to lay the groundwork through appropriate education. With DCX Learn, we want to arm users with the knowledge necessary to navigate crypto markets. As India’s largest exchange, we believe it is our duty to give people the tools needed to unlock the benefits of digital assets, and we are sure that DCX Learn will be vitally important in achieving our goal of onboarding 50 million Indian crypto users.

In continuation of what Sumit mentioned about India, Kashif Raza (Co-founder of CryptoKanoon) said:

At this stage of growth for the Indian crypto community, there is a need to provide potential users with better access to knowledge and toolsets to make their trading experience safe and productive. The launch of DCX Learn comes at a time when India is bullish on crypto—and with more resources and information available to Indian users, we are confident that the industry can achieve long term, sustainable growth.

Follow this link to read their blog.

Interestingly, the launch of the CoinDCX learning platform comes after a $3 million Series A funding of the company by Bain Capital. This is in addition to a strategic investment of $2.5 million from Coinbase Ventures and Polychain Capital.

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