guidetoblockchain project

Ever asked:

  “What the heck is Blockchain?”
“What all things can be blockchain-ed?”
“Heard a lot about cryptocurrencies, wondering how they function?”
“Why is everyone talking about smart contract these days?”

Yes? You’re in the right place!
GuideToBlockchain is where technology enthusiasts turn for educating themselves on Blockchain and various other associated aspects.

GuideToBlockchain project is purely the outcome of:

  • my sheer passion towards this revolutionary technology
  • core belief in its capabilities to transform the world for good
  • persistent effort to learn and keep myself educated regarding developments around it.

how it all started

I found it kinda cool when I first heard the word Blockchain. Truth be told, this was my first motivation to read more about it.

But soon, I was dumbfounded when I started reading about its potential and how its slated to bring a revolution in near future. I wanted to be the part of this uprising. So, I started learning it in depth.

I learned about its origin, how it has matured over the years and various solutions it has enabled thus far. It did not take me too long to arrive at a conclusion that I dearly want to take up Blockchain as my next learning project.

And that I should be sharing my learning online.

finally, something about me!

Hello peeps, I am a full-time software consultant.

I have been in software industry for over 9 years now. I work for a leading software solution provider and my expertise is in Cloud applications domain. My job revolves around gathering customer requirements, architecting and implementing solutions that includes application configuration, coding, debugging, testing and migrating.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love chess and play it reasonably well. I love going out to hill stations and wanna get lost in the serene beauty of nature. I am fond of plants too (snake plant on my desk is my fav).

When alone, I keep myself busy fighting evil and protecting the world (in my imagination).

If you want to contact me, reach out to me on or say your thing here.